Thursday, February 10, 2011

Further Lego Abominations

Less contentious, but more gory than the Lego concentration camp, we have a site which started out as, changed its name (under legal threat?) to, and ended up redirected to a site called, which appears to be broken - proof of how ephemeral the net is. The images you see here are mostly collected from thescreamonline, one of the few sites left with any pictures of these gruesome but cheerful Lego death scenes.

Why are these so inoffensive, when the concentration camp (see previous post) is such a taboo breaker? A bit of historical distance, and a lack of specificity I suppose. It's a common reaction - everyone agrees Hitler was a monster, but no one gets too worked about Genghis Khan.

It brings to mind an exchange of email I once had with SF writer S.M.Stirling. He'd written a series of books about what were effectively modern day Spartans, and I commented on how bringing them into the modern world removed their historical glamour, and showed them as not very desirable neighbours. His reply was about how one of the major attractions at Disneyland, 'Pirates of the Caribbean' is a G-rated monument to theft, arson, rape and murder. Quite so.


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